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litterae_elitum's Journal

Elite Fanfiction
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All Members , Moderated
This is a comm specifically created as a library for the very best of fanfiction. The point of our comm is pool the best fics written from three main fandoms (House MD, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter) into one comm so everyone can read quality without posting requests or spending ages searching. Anyone can submit fanfic, but it must be approved by the mods who will judge whether it is of a high enough standard. WARNING: this comm is for great fics only, not normal ones. We will reconsider fics refused once, but only when a good enough case has been submitted for its worthiness. Do not be offended if your fic does not make it, read the ones that do, and learn from them. There are also plenty of other comms to post them to. Please be patient as we are a brand spanking new comm and our collection is still growing.

Please read the RULES.


1) Every fic must be properly tagged and labeled and sumarized. The set out is as follows:

Author's note:

Please note that all pairings and ratings are currently allowed but must be rated appropriately to protect minors.

2) Fics can be of three main fandoms: Harry Potter, House MD, Pirates of the Caribbean. If you know if a popular fandom with excellent quality writing please ask for it to be included, but we will need a co mod for it, so be warned.

3) Fics may be posted from either an impressed reader or the author, however the author's PERMISSION must be sought before submission.

4) Do not comment on each fic, this is a library only. If you liked a fic, hunt down the author and tell them so, but this comm needs to remain as uncluttered as possible.

5) Enjoy.

HOW TO SUBMIT A FIC: Go to the entries section. Scroll down to appropriate fandom and pairing post. Either put a link or copy and paste the fic into a comment. We will then decide whether to cut it onto the post for everyone to read, or not. Fics are considered regardless of length, but if it is a long one please either link it to the author's journal or to the fanfiction link (if there is one) to avoid needless clutter.

HOW TO FIND A FIC: Go to the entries section. Scroll down to appropriate fandom and pairing post. Look at the cuts for the information fo each fic and decide which one to pick.

We are proud to list house_cameron, potc_votes and sparra_vids as an affiliate. Go visit them!